Wacaco Minipresso NS2


The Minipresso NS2 is a great choice to quickly enjoy up to 60 ml of delicious espresso at home, in the office, and on the go.



The Minipresso NS2 is the new generation of the well-known Minipresso NS. Smaller and lighter, it’s even more portable while still offering amazing espresso quality through the use of NS CAPSULES*. The advantage of brewing with a capsule is the coffee is already ground, measured, and tamped with higher precision in a condensed hermetically sealed package for perfect preservation of all the flavors of freshly ground coffee. There is very little left for error, so your espresso looks and tastes great cup after cup. The use of capsules is also more convenient, mess free and makes your espresso machine easier to clean after use.

– For Nespress Original compatible capsules
– Pressurised portafilters – Produce a beautiful espresso shot with a thick layer of crema
– Fun to brew – consistent rich and flavourful espresso
– Easy to use, quick to clean
– Hand powered – no electricity, no battery required
– Eco-friendly – partially made of wheat-base polymers
– Extra compact – 130mm – 5 inches
– Ultra-light – 290g – 0.64lb
– French design – modern and elegant style – Red Dot Design Award winner 2023

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