It’s a Family Thing

Family run, independent coffee shops in the heart of Dublin

Beanhive has two small independent coffee shops in the heart of Dublin’s city centre. It first opened its doors on Dawson Street in November 2013. Jin and Jiamin are managing the business, together with their husbands Fan and Ming.

Fan, as an award-winning barista, also takes the lead in training his fellow baristas in all things latte art, brewing methods, coffee flavours and more. After he’s had his 5th espresso in the morning, of course.

Beanhive Dublin - Fan

A Hive of Activity

What’s the story behind our name?

Fan had loved the idea of a “Beanhive” for years, and with opening their own coffee shop he could finally make it happen. The name couldn’t be more fitting!

Our little shop gets so busy with baristas and customers buzzing around that it resembles an actual beehive – a homey place of industriousness, productivity and community. We love the buzz!

The “Beanhive Buzz”

What’s it all about?

We believe people enjoy what we do because we enjoy what we do!

Beanhive is a family-owned business, operated by very motivated people who love both their coffee and their customers, and are like family to each other. This translates into the warm, familiar atmosphere that characterises the café. The connections you make, the chats you have and the fun you experience are equally as important to the feel of Beanhive as the speciality coffee itself.

Beanhive Cafe Dublin front

They Are Smiling Under Those Masks

Some of our happy team

Beanhive Cafe Dublin staff
Beanhive Cafe Dublin staff
Beanhive Cafe Dublin staff
Beanhive Cafe Dublin staff
Beanhive Cafe Dublin staff

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